Today Show with Randi Zuckerberg, features Playground Buddy as a great way to get the kids outside

Randi Zuckerberg talking to Today Show hosts about Playground Buddy

Ever wake up to something unbelievable? Still pinching myself that Playground Buddy was featured on the Today Show. Here’s a transcript of the interview.

Randi: I have a few apps today that I think will are great for parents with kids home this summer.

Jenna: So let’s start with getting our kids off our electronics and outdoors to play.

Randi: Yes, as I sit here with an iPad demoing apps…

Randi: Playground Buddy, is one of my favorites. You can actually search , wherever you are in the world. [Wherever] that you’re travelling, you can search for nearby playgrounds.

Randi: You can search for things, like, right now, I need a restroom, it has to have a restroom at the playground, but my kids say it has to have a sandbox or a swing.

Hoda: It’ll itemize what things are there?

Randi: Yeah, it’ll itemize and there’s even fancy things like a zipline. I didn’t even know playgrounds had ziplines, but there you go. You can search…

Randi: Did you know there are this many playgrounds right here in Manhattan?

Jenna: No, I mean kind of… but I haven’t taken my kids to any of them.

Hoda: That’s amazing

Randi: Yeah, It’ll show you, here’s one near you. It’ll show you all the great facilities that the playground has.

Randi: That’s Playground Buddy, one of my favorites.