Playground Buddy

A free app that helps families find playgrounds! 


Playground Buddy is a free app that helps families find playgrounds. Our mission is to make it easy for you and your family to get out and be active! Our listings of playgrounds is worldwide check out our the number of playgrounds by country!

Find Playgrounds

Access a worldwide directory of over 400,000 playgrounds in 170 countries. Search for playgrounds near you, across town, across your country and across the world!

Find out what's there

Want to know if there is a swing, a slide or a play structure before you visit or even where to park? Playground Buddy will show you what a playground has before you visit.

See Photos

See a street view or photos of a playground before you visit (where available).

Share with others

Setting up a playdate? Share playground details and locations with others, even to those without the app.


“We started using Playground Buddy for after dinner excursions ideas. We've really enjoyed the playgrounds that we've discovered!”

“On a recent trip to Parksville on Vancouver Island, using Playground Buddy I found a fantastic playground for my three year old grandson. It even had a zipline, which he loved!”

“Playground Buddy is great! It helped me find parks while traveling on the other side of the country.”


Playground Buddy is based out of Victoria, BC, Canada. We are a very small team of 4 - two developers and our supportive spouses. We are all parents who understand the need to get kids outside to play. We do this work on our own time outside our regular jobs. Development is motivated by our very energetic kids! Our hope is to make it easy for you be active and have fun with your kids outside. Playground Buddy is a community resource that depends on you to keep it up to date with the best possible playground information.



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