Playground Buddy is an easy-to-use resource for mapping the playgrounds and playground equipment in your muncipality.

Generate Awareness for Municipal Playgrounds

Simple to embed maps for municipal websites, let you generate awareness of the playgrounds that you have worked to establish and maintain.

Some munipalities have worked with us to identify and upload their playground information to help the community make the most of their playgrounds! See our playground contributors for a list of generous municipalities that have helped improve our playground listings.

Playground Planning

Our playground maps interactive information can inform municipalities where there is a lack of playground space or a particular playground features are sparse within a city (such as features for accessibility, inclusivity and keeping cool). Playground Buddy’s playground check-in heat maps can help you prove the value of playgrounds and be able plan new builds and upgrades in locations and with equipment that will be well loved.

Playground Maintenance Alerts

Playground buddy app maintenance alerts feed into the maintenance system to allow the public to let you know when work needs to be done to maintain the safety of your playgrounds.

Take the Next Step

Contact us today to claim your playgrounds and update the Playground Buddy listings. We’ve got bulk upload tools to allow you to us to onboard your playgrounds, from your current records quickly.

Take the next step and contact us to get set up access embeddable interactive and paper maps of your playgrounds to share with the public backed by Playground Buddy data. Subscriptions also allow access to see our playground usage data.

Contact us for in app advertising opportunities. Let Playground Buddy advertising help ensure that the public is aware of the all the work that the municipality does to put together events for the community.