Australia's Kidspot calls Playground Buddy "The lifesaving app no mum wants to leave home without"


It’s wonderful to have some one notice our efforts to make playground easy to find where ever you are in the world. Recently, we were pleased to be the subject of a Kidspot Article The lifesaving app no mum wants to leave home without!

We often see uploads of new playgrounds from Australia and we’re amazed at the number of playgrounds, the interesting play structures and beautiful locations that where the playground locations in Australia. Judging by our listings Australia has really made an effort to include playgrounds in their communities.

From the article: “Because it was made for mums like us, it even has the ability to check what facilities are there - from the swing sets, slides to toilets, picnic tables and nearby parking. Some even have street views of the park so you can view it before you get there. How nifty is that!”