Get kids active with the playgrounds of the world at your fingertips

Picture of playground that looks like a castle!

Local entrepreneurs are pleased to announce the official launch of Playground Buddy, a free app for smart phones than can help users find playgrounds anywhere they are in the world (even Iceland)!

Two Victoria parents have built a mobile phone app that finds playgrounds in both local and global neighbourhoods. Users can look for playgrounds wherever they are by simply clicking “Find Playgrounds Near Me” or by entering an address to find playgrounds near that location.

Playground Buddy currently has over 400,000 playgrounds and numbers increase weekly with community uptake as users have the ability to add playgrounds. Amenities are listed for each playground including field, park bench, picnic table, play structure, sand, slide, swing, toddler swing, washrooms, water park and wood chips. A street view is also provided where data is available.

Playground Buddy is FREE and available for Android through the Google Play store or for iPhone through the App Store.

We’re not monkeying around, so slide on over to and get in the swing of things with this new app to get our kids active. No, that’s not short for apparatus.

Quotes from the developers:

Christine Baghdassarian:

“This idea was born out of necessity for me. I was doing errands with my two small children in a new neighbourhood and they were literally climbing up the walls of the car needing to get out. I pulled over and started looking for the nearest playground on my phone and had a very difficult time finding a playground! That’s when I thought, wouldn’t it be nice if there was an app that would show me the nearest playground at the touch of a button?”

Jeff Richards:

“When Christine explained the idea for Playground Buddy, I immediately knew we had to make this app, I wanted it for myself! Making it easier for parents to find playgrounds and spend time with their kids has been very motivating. Plus, I love making the most of what we’ve got, and there are many playgrounds in our communities that are rarely used. I hope Playground Buddy will help parents enjoy new locations and help kids burn through their abundance of energy!”