Frequently Asked Questions

Is Playground Buddy available for Blackberry or Windows Mobile?
At present, Playground Buddy is only available for Android and iOS devices. We hope to be able to develop the app for other devices in the future.

How much does Playground Buddy Cost?
Playground Buddy is free!

Why isn't my local playground showing up?
Chances are we don't have the playground in our database. You can easily add the missing playground through the app. Alternatively you may send us the information through the contact page.

A playground in the app no longer exists or the playground details are incorrect. What do I do?
Please update the playground directly through the app. You can either edit the details or remove it directly. Alternatively you may send us the information through the contact page.

Why does Playground Buddy want me to sign in?
You can search for playgrounds or see playground details without signing in. You only need to sign in if you want to save a playground favorite or if you want to contribute playground details.

Why do some playgrounds show up as "Playground ###"?
We simply don't know all the names of all the playgrounds in the world. For the ones we don't know, the names appear as a "Playground ###". You can help us out by naming playgrounds.

How do I contribute to Playground Buddy?
You can make Playground Buddy better by adding undiscovered playgrounds or improving existing playground details.

I'm having trouble adding playgrounds to Playground Buddy?
Visit the how to add playgrounds page for step-by-step directions on how to add playgrounds. And thanks! Every playground you add makes Playground Buddy better!

How will my information be protected?
Please view our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy on how your information will be protected.