Australia's Kidspot calls Playground Buddy "The lifesaving app no mum wants to leave home without"

October 18th, 2018

It's wonderful to have some one notice our efforts to make playground easy to find where ever you are in the world. Recently, we were pleased to be the subject of a Kidspot ArtcileThe lifesaving app no mum wants to leave home without!

We often see uploads of new playgrounds from Australia and we're amazed at the number of playgrounds, the interesting play structures and beautiful locations that where the playground locations in Australia. Judging by our listings Australia has really made an effort to include playgrounds in their communities.

From the article:

"Because it was made for mums like us, it even has the ability to check what facilities are there - from the swing sets, slides to toilets, picnic tables and nearby parking. Some even have street views of the park so you can view it before you get there. How nifty is that!"

Playground Buddy makes The Guardian list of Life Hacks

October 6th, 2017

We were excited and honored to be included in The Guardian's list of From sex to sleep: eight apps to hack your life!

Stuart Heritage put together a fun list of apps that he has enjoyed using and from an app to help you nap to how to... find a playground. And six other interesting apps. Thanks Stuart for including us in your list!

Here's a little taste of the article!

"I have got the most out of the app during family citybreaks. If you have got a toddler, you are going to spend most of your time watching your kids play, so it makes sense to find a proper playground, rather than let them run around a flooded car park."

Playground Buddy featured by "Little Voyageurs"

January 29, 2017

Thank you Little Voyageurs for writing an article about us!

If you travel with kids, please check them out!

Article from Little Voyageurs:

"You’ve just spent a couple of hours in the Louvre Museum in Paris and your kiddo desperately needs to run around. The nearest playground please? No need to dig out your best French to ask around, just open your Playground Buddy application on your phone. In seconds you will have access to over 400 000 playgrounds around the world, including the most touristic places, as well as other random destinations. For instance, you will find over 20 000 playgrounds in the States, 8 000 in France, 400 in Mexico, 39 in Morocco and 14 in Vietnam.

Developed a couple of years ago by two moms [correction one mom, one father], Playground Buddy‘s main goal is to help out parents in need. “I remember being in the car once with my two young kids and they were going crazy. I needed a playground right then, and had no idea how to find one”, explains Christine Baghdassarian, one of the founders.

Today about 25 000 parents have downloaded the app, and Christine often receives messages from happy parents. Her favorite one? A simple “Thank you!!!” Christine confesses,“This email made me feel so good as I can imagine they were in same situation that I was and needed something fast.”

Available on iOS and Android, Playground Buddy is free to download and use, all you need is an internet connection. In order to locate a playground near you, you just open the map and zoom in on where you are and the playgrounds will appear in green (see the screenshots below). You can easily zoom in and out of the map.

In addition to the playground’s location, you can also get info about its infrastructure if available, such as benches, picnic tables, play structures, slides, swings, washrooms, etc, as well as a picture. The additional information is mainly available in the States but you are welcome to add info on any of the playgrounds pinpointed, or even add any new ones you may find.

Read the Article on

NEW FEATURE ALERT! Upload Photos of Playgrounds

May 28, 2016

Is a picture really worth 1,000 words? Let’s see, here is a playground with a multi-person death-slide, covered in muck, surrounded by garbage, cradled amidst creepy trees …

Heck, that kind of knowledge is worth $1,000 when you’re trying to locate a playground stat! Our users wanted to be able to upload photos of playgrounds, and now they can. It’s quick and easy, just click on “Can you contribute?”, snap a pic or upload one your already have, et voila!

By uploading photos, users will help the Playground Buddy community know what they’re getting themselves into. Of course, when we were kids, these were the only kinds of playgrounds there were, and (after a few stitches and the odd cast) we survived.

We will be featuring playground photos on our Facebook page regularly, so get snapping and we’ll get sharing!


Get kids active with the playgrounds of the world at your fingertips

July 9, 2015

Local entrepreneurs are pleased to announce the official launch of Playground Buddy, a free app for smart phones than can help users find playgrounds anywhere they are in the world (even Iceland)!

Two Victoria parents have built a mobile phone app that finds playgrounds in both local and global neighbourhoods. Users can look for playgrounds wherever they are by simply clicking “Find Playgrounds Near Me” or by entering an address to find playgrounds near that location.

Playground Buddy currently has over 400,000 playgrounds and numbers increase weekly with community uptake as users have the ability to add playgrounds. Amenities are listed for each playground including field, park bench, picnic table, play structure, sand, slide, swing, toddler swing, washrooms, water park and wood chips. A street view is also provided where data is available.

Playground Buddy is FREE and available for Android through the Google Play store or for iPhone through the App Store.

We’re not monkeying around, so slide on over to and get in the swing of things with this new app to get our kids active. No, that’s not short for apparatus.

Quotes from the developers:

Christine Baghdassarian:

“This idea was born out of necessity for me. I was doing errands with my two small children in a new neighbourhood and they were literally climbing up the walls of the car needing to get out. I pulled over and started looking for the nearest playground on my phone and had a very difficult time finding a playground! That's when I thought, wouldn't it be nice if there was an app that would show me the nearest playground at the touch of a button?”

Jeff Richards:

“When Christine explained the idea for Playground Buddy, I immediately knew we had to make this app, I wanted it for myself! Making it easier for parents to find playgrounds and spend time with their kids has been very motivating. Plus, I love making the most of what we've got, and there are many playgrounds in our communities that are rarely used. I hope Playground Buddy will help parents enjoy new locations and help kids burn through their abundance of energy!”


Playground Buddy launched for iOS!

May 4, 2015

Just in time for summer we have launched Playground Buddy for iOS! It's time to take the kids out to play! You can now download Playground Buddy from iTunes.

Playground Buddy has a listing of over 400,000 playgrounds world wide, so hopefully we will have a few playgrounds near you where ever you go. If ever you find a playground that we don't have consider adding it through to our listings so others can find and enjoy the playground.

Playing outside is an important part of growing up! Let's help our kids grow up with the wind in their hair and having fun at the playground!


Playground Buddy featured in Island Parent Magazine

August 11, 2014

Playground Buddy was recently featured in the August 2014 edition of the Island Parent Magazine. Read all about us on page 6 or read the article below:

Excerpt from Island Parent - August 2014:

A New Playground Buddy

Looking for playgrounds? Wish there was an app for that? Well now there is. Playground Buddy is a free app that can help you find playgrounds anywhere you go... in the world (even Iceland).

Two Victoria parents wanted to find playgrounds in both local and unfamiliar neighbourhoods (because as parents they know sometimes you just need a platground ASAP to burn some energy!) so they build a mobile phone app that does just that.

Look for playgrounds wherever you are by simply clicking "Find Playgrounds Near Me" or by entering an address and find playgrounds near that location. If you're travelling out of town, province or country, you can use Playground Buddy to help you keep active while away from home. Check out playground amenities (swing set, slide, bathrooms, etc) or look at a street view (where data is available) to see if the playground is suitable.

The app has over 400,000 playgrounds. If a playground does not show up, simply add it and you'll benefit the entire Playground Buddy community. That's good karma.

Currently available for Androids through the Google Play store. A version for iPhone users is in development.


Listen again to Playground Buddy on air!

July 24, 2014

In case you missed us on "Real Parenting" on CFAX radio July 12th, you can hear the full interview online on soundcloud.

Check it out on soundcloud

Playground Buddy Is Live!

June 6, 2014

Just in time for summer we are ready to release Playground Buddy! It's time to take the kids out to play! You can now download Playground Buddy for the Google Play Store.

Playground Buddy has listing for over 400 000 playgrounds world wide, so hopefully we will have a few playgrounds near you where ever you go. If ever you find a playground that we don't have consider adding it through to our listings so others can find and enjoy the playground.

Playing outside is an important part of growing up! Let's help our kids grow up with the wind in their hair and having fun at the playground!

Playground Buddy Beta Testing

May 19, 2014

We are currently performing beta testing of Playground Buddy. If you are interested in joining our beta test team, please contact us!

Playground Buddy Preparing for Launch

April 12, 2014

We are working hard to prepare Playground Buddy for launch. Look for it in the Google Play Store at the beginning of June!